public final class PinnedCertificatesTrustEvaluator : ServerTrustEvaluating

Uses the pinned certificates to validate the server trust. The server trust is considered valid if one of the pinned certificates match one of the server certificates. By validating both the certificate chain and host, certificate pinning provides a very secure form of server trust validation mitigating most, if not all, MITM attacks. Applications are encouraged to always validate the host and require a valid certificate chain in production environments.

  • Creates a PinnedCertificatesTrustEvaluator from the provided parameters.



    public init(certificates: [SecCertificate] =,
                acceptSelfSignedCertificates: Bool = false,
                performDefaultValidation: Bool = true,
                validateHost: Bool = true)



    The certificates to use to evaluate the trust. All cer, crt, and der certificates in Bundle.main by default.


    Adds the provided certificates as anchors for the trust evaluation, allowing self-signed certificates to pass. false by default. THIS SETTING SHOULD BE FALSE IN PRODUCTION!


    Determines whether default validation should be performed in addition to evaluating the pinned certificates. true by default.


    Determines whether or not the evaluator should validate the host, in addition to performing the default evaluation, even if performDefaultValidation is false. true by default.

  • Declaration


    public func evaluate(_ trust: SecTrust, forHost host: String) throws